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6 Tips for Managing Diabetes

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2019
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With a diagnosis of diabetes, many patients are unaware of the changes they need to make in their lifestyle to manage their condition. Holmdel, NJ area patients who visit with Dr. Magdy Nasra, an internal medicine doctor, often have questions about their condition and how they can properly control their blood sugar levels. Below are six tips for managing diabetes:

  • Consider your lifestyle. Is there anything you do now that diabetes impacts? What are some solutions that can help control your condition and get you back to doing what you love? Discuss with your doctor how exercise and activity can be altered to ensure diabetes does not negatively impact your day-to-day life.
  • Talk to your doctor about medications. Some mild cases of diabetes may be controlled with diet changes alone. Other patients may require medications to manage their condition. Speak to Dr. Magdy Nasra about medications that can help including statin drugs and ACE inhibitors.
  • Avoid increased stress. Stress impacts the body in many different ways, and can make it difficult to manage diabetes. Find out what is causing stress in your life and find ways to reduce stress levels or cope with the inevitable. Schedule activities that you love regularly to address higher levels of stress in your life.
  • Move, move, and move some more! Exercise is good for everyone and is great for maintaining mobility as you age. Additionally, it can assist in the management of diabetes. Try to work in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, whether it’s a simple walk through the neighborhood or some time at the local gym lifting weights. You won’t regret it!
  • Make healthier food choices. Instead of opting for a fad diet, make smarter choices when it comes to your food. Eat a variety of foods to get the most out of varied vitamins and minerals. Talk to a dietician about the foods best for your health.
  • Maintain regular evaluations with your doctor. As a diabetic, it is incredibly important that you see your doctor on a regular basis to evaluate not only your condition and its management, but your overall health and wellness at least once a year during an annual checkup.

Speak to Dr. Magdy Nasra today about managing your condition

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and are learning the ropes in managing your condition, working with a doctor in internal medicine is the first step. Contact Dr. Magdy Nasra of Holmdel, NJ by calling (732) 888-8255 for an appointment.

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