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What is a Skin Barrier?

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2018
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Our skin does so much. It keeps germs, pollutants, UV, and other damaging chemicals from entering our bodies and causing havoc. This function of our skin is also referred to as skin barrier function. When the skin is healthy and working well, the barrier function keeps moisture in and bad things out. But our skin barrier function can be disturbed by many factors: air pollution, UV, stress, lack of sleep, or even a new product that you’ve recently used. If your skin is sensitive, red, flakey, or producing excessive oil, you might have a compromised skin barrier function.

Our first recommendation is not to worry and overdo it. Most everyone goes through an allergy or sensitivity to a product throughout their lifetime. Take a deep breath and ask some questions before you put a bunch of “soothing” products on your skin. Have you recently been loading up on new products, trying to solve a skin issue? Your skin might be reacting to too many new ingredients all at once. Or, your skin may be acting out because you’ve tried an active face mask with AHA levels that are higher than your face is used to. Maybe you’ve simply left a product on your skin longer than you should have. Identifying the culprit can cut down on your recovery time.

After you look at your skincare routine, you might still come up without a clue. Consider cutting out all of your active ingredients for a few weeks to see if that helps calm your skin. Often, using just a gentle pH-balanced cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer can help your skin recover. Avoid using very hot water while washing your face, and consider skipping washing your face in the morning altogether. If your pillowcase is changed regularly, you might just want to splash lukewarm water on your face in the morning, then continue with toner and moisturizer. Keeping moisture levels high in your skin can help your skin barrier function recover more quickly.

Maybe your skin isn’t having a reaction, but simply needs a little extra boost. Call us today at (732) 888-8255 to schedule a consultation about our skin rejuvenating treatments.

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