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What is Vanquish ME

  • Posted on: Jun 30 2020
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While diet and exercise are often the best way to improve the body contours and lose inches off the waist, some patients still struggle with areas of fat deposits that are stubborn and do not respond well to traditional methods of reduction. In situations such as this, men and women often feel as though surgical interventions such as liposuction and tummy tucks are their only options. Fortunately, our professionals can ensure targeted results with non-invasive fat removal in the abdominal area using a treatment called Vanquish ME.

What is Vanquish ME?

Vanquish ME is a treatment that is used to target unwanted areas of fat deposits to melt fat away using radiofrequency energy. This device has been approved by the FDA for eliminating areas of fat cells without ever touching the skin. Specialized panels are used to administer radiofrequency energy to the treatment area, which warms the fat and raises the cell’s temperature to facilitate apoptosis, or the death of fat cells. This results in a noticeable reduction of fat in the treatment area without patients ever having to undergo plastic surgery.

Who is a candidate for Vanquish ME?

It is essential that patients fully understand that Vanquish ME treatment is not a weight loss solution. Instead, it is a targeted treatment for areas of unwanted fat, typically in the abdominal area. Because of the purpose of treatment, patients who undergo Vanquish ME treatments should be within their idea weight range and struggling with treatment of fat in one area of the body. It does not remove as much fat as liposuction can, but can provide improvement without scars or invasive surgeries. During a consultation appointment, our doctor will determine if a patient is suitable for this or other fat removal solutions available at the practice of Dr. Magdy Nasra.

Learn more about non-invasive fat removal with Vanquish ME

Dr. Magdy Nasra and his team provide a selection of services for the body, including solutions such as Vanquish ME. If you want to find out if you are a proper candidate for this or other treatments, we welcome you to book an appointment at our office by calling (732) 888-8255. The practice is located at 723 North Beers Street, Suite #2C in Holmdel, NJ and accepts new patients.

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