Skin Rejuvenation

The first and only treatment to combine radiofrequency and ultrasound,  Exilis Ultra 360 is the latest advancement in nonsurgical body shaping and  one of the most powerful fat reduction and skin tightening devices  available. You’ll notice dramatic results without surgery (or anesthesia and incisions) and without downtime.

Using controlled heating and cooling, Exilis Ultra 360 delivers the optimal amount of energy to various tissue depths, without pain. We can safely and  effectively tighten, firm and tone loose and sagging skin, reshape and melt  stubborn fatty deposits and smooth away cellulite anywhere on your face and body. Popular areas treated with Exilis Ultra 360 include the face, jowls, neck, chest, back, “love handles,” “bra fat,” abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks and knees.

Benefits of Exilis Ultra 360™:

  • Exilis Ultra 360 combines ultrasound and radiofrequency to provide one
    of the most powerful fat reduction and tightening devices available.
  • Exilis Ultra 360 is an FDA-approved treatment that has been
    scientifically proven and clinically tested.
  • Exilis Ultra 360 treatments are safe and effective.
  • Exilis Ultra 360 treats all areas of the face and body.
  • Exilis Ultra 360 treatments are precise and targeted to correct both
    deep skin and surface problems.
  • Exilis Ultra 360 offers circumferential reduction and can also treat
    cellulite noninvasively.
  • Exilis Ultra 360 is a comfortable treatment with no anesthesia
  • Exilis Ultra 360 results are incremental, lasting and measurable.

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